3% Instant Rewards

For every sell transaction, 3% of the transaction value is redistributed to existing holders. This means that just by holding $FIGHTER, you will continue to earn more $FIGHTER every time someone sells.

7% Auto BuyBacks

7% of every transaction is used to buy back $FIGHTER token. It is automatic and helps create a price floor stability.

3% Marketing

3% of every sell transaction is contributed to the marketing wallet to be used solely for the growth of the $FIGHTER project and community.

About Us

With a clear vision to create and maintain the most sustainable and strong meme economy on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), both the contract and project was created carefully by the $FIGHTER team.

Never Ending Profits For The $FIGHTER Investor

Cryptocurrencies are known to be a reliable income source with opportunities of high profit on the investment. $FIGHTER is designed to be the perfect cryptocurrency investment for anyone focused on receiving highest possible profit in shortest timeframe. Therefore, $FIGHTER introduces HOLDER rewards for its HOLDERS. Holder rewards are incentivized by the $FIGHTER smart contract’s functions. These functions ensure automatic and safe rewarding of $FIGHTER holders by ever-increasing the holder’s Fighter Shiba balance while burning some part of the transacted tokens which reduces the total supply allowing the price of $FIGHTER to increase naturally.








Why Fighter Shiba ?

Liquidity Locked

100% of the Fighter Shiba liquidity is locked to give you the ease of mind that no rug pulls are at play. Invest and profit with complete safety.


$FIGHTER is also about sharing the love and profit with charitable organizations. Community will decide by democratic means as to which charity will receive donation for a good cause.

Earn Passive Income

Holding $FIGHTER can earn you passive income through HOLDER rewards. Sit back and watch your balance grow automatically.

Community Driven

Rewarding its community is $FIGHTER’s design. Similary, by holding, the community allows $FIGHTER to flourish through its tokenomics. It’s a perfect pair.